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Monthly Accounting


Many businesses don’t look to their bookkeeping to make every day decisions. The business owner has a sense of how the business is doing and checks the bank account only if they wonder how much money the business has. If you need someone to simply take the accounting off your hands, this package is for you.


Weekly Accounting

Not all businesses can wait until the end of the month to receive their financial reports, as the owner/manager prefers to have the numbers on hand early. On a weekly basis, we update the bookkeeping and provide a report so you remain consistently well-informed about the happenings in your business.


Deluxe Accounting

Sometimes you need more than just an accounting department—you also need a CFO. We’ll handle your tax compliance and reporting, business strategy, cash flow management and projections, and all other tasks of a responsible and efficient CFO.



2019 Passed the CMA Exam

2018 Passed the CPA Exam

2016 Became a member of the Forbes Finance Council

2016 EY Young Entrepreneur of the Year Southeast Semi-finalist

2016 Gwinnett Pinnacle Award “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Winner

2015 Gwinnett Pinnacle Award “Rising Star” Winner

2015 #1 Business Plan Consultant in Atlanta by Thumbtack


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Choosing The Right Bank Or Credit Card: 10 Tips From Finance Experts

“Don’t overlook the non-points benefits such as insurance, extended warranty on purchases and access to travel lounges (if you travel). I make sure to always use my Capital One card when I rent a car since it saves me from having to pay the astronomical collision insurance rental companies charge. I ignore bank offers—the perks are not worth the hoops you have to jump through to avoid fees.”

Vlad Rusz

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Launching A 401(K) Program For Your Employees? Follow These 12 Tips To Make It A Success

“There are different fees associated with a 401(k) that fall on the employers to pay—some benefit the employee, but they never know it. Thankfully, with the rise of technology, these fees are substantially lower now, but for small employers, it might make more financial sense to offer a bonus or invest in financial education for employees than pay that money to 401(k) fees.”

–  Vlad Rusz

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11 Finance Pros Share The Most Common (And Avoidable) Wealth Management Mistakes

 “People are risk-averse. No one wants to see their portfolio go down, and this leads to investment in “safe” securities or just holding cash for the long term. While this strategy reduces risk significantly, inflation will ensure it fails in the long term. The investments made should align with your strategy—there is no reason to invest in CDs if you are still 20 years from retirement.”

–  Vlad Rusz

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