When it comes to hiring a business coach, finding a mentor, or asking professionals for advice, small business owners have a plethora of options. Business knowledge can be obtained through numerous free or low-cost options, like webinars and government resources, or owners can choose to hire professional coaches and consultants to provide specialized advice. Personally, […]
The majority of small businesses don’t file taxes outside their home state. This is simply because they are typically local and don’t have physical locations or connections to any other states. But in our current interconnected and virtual world, small businesses have access to employees not only in other states but across the globe. Hiring […]
I recently attended IMA’s annual conference, ACE2021. One of the hot discussion topics was Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The technology itself isn’t new—let’s face it, we’ve all dealt with chatbots—but now RPA is more streamlined and in a price range that small businesses can afford. While chatbots are ubiquitous, there is a broad spectrum of […]
Small business owners wear many hats. They tend to fill every role—from the chief executive to the janitor. Business owners also need to keep in mind their business taxes and the complexities involved in documenting the money moving into and out of the business. They have to know what to track and what is tax […]
Small businesses don’t budget—or at least that’s the overall consensus I get from most small business owners. Outside of the vague, “I need six thousand to cover operating costs” or “Sure we have a budget, it’s somewhere in the filing cabinet,” there’s not much budgeting happening in the small business world. Effective budgeting is likely […]
There have been a few times in my consulting and accounting career that I have had to explain very basic financial topics to seasoned business owners. I have talked to VPs of billion-dollar companies that didn’t understand a balance sheet, and to new business owners that couldn’t understand why they had to pay tax on […]
Due to the current pandemic, business travel has decreased dramatically. No more large conferences, trade shows, or company retreats. But although travel has declined, it hasn’t stopped, and some industries like transportation and shipping have even seen a surge in demand from the massive uptick in online shopping. Zoe recently returned from a business trip, […]
I’ve owned and managed businesses for over a decade and been around business owners for even longer than that. Some businesses drown in paperwork while others exist with a debit card and a wallet full of cash. One business can produce copies of a year’s worth of receipts in minutes while the other needs hours […]
Christina has a small bakery. As a hobby, she has been designing websites for fun for the last 10 years. What she enjoys most is trying all the new web building software. In the past three years she’s created websites for her friends and family but never for money or as a business. She was […]
My family comes from Romania, and like most Eastern bloc countries, the brush with communism left many people to rely on the government for their retirement. There is also a strong family support system, which is common throughout the world, but this burdens the children with taking care of the elderly. This mindset takes a […]