Here are the articles that I have written for Forbes.



Five Steps Business Owners Can Take To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck



I’m not going to give you a secret formula for your business that will make savings happen overnight. No one can do that, no matter how much you pay them. Let’s face it — we’ve all been in that situation where you pay a consultant to make your problem disappear only to find that you would have been better off just going on vacation with that money.  



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A Commonly Missed Tax-Saving Move For Self-Employed Workers



Jane starts a wedding photography business. She already has bookings on most weekends for the rest of the year to keep her busy and hopefully fill up her bank accounts. Jane diligently sets aside 15% of her income. She used an online income tax calculator to determine that will be her effective tax rate. The rest of the income she uses to pay her personal bills and enjoy a well-earned vacation. Fast forward to February when Jane sits down with her tax preparer…



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Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before Any Business Purchase



Each time you need to make a business purchase, you should follow a predetermined process to remove the emotion and guesswork from the decision. Creating this process may take time and thoughtful consideration of many variables, but here are a few simple questions to help you develop a solid foundation for making business purchase decisions moving forward.



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Five Simple Steps to Evaluate Business Investments



Financing and monthly payments are a useful way for small businesses to expand beyond their current means. In itself, this is a great thing. Getting a mortgage to buy a small office, for example, also ends up being an effective way to save and build assets.

But it’s a slippery slope, with many businesses unable to properly…



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Eight Ways To Simplify And Optimize Your Accounting System



Small businesses can’t model a big-business accounting system. It’s not effective, and it wastes time and money. What you, as a small-business owner, must do is simplify and optimize your accounting system and focus on actionable metrics. Here are eight ways to do so…



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